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This series explores local dishes you have to try when traveling. Think tokyo’s most epic bentos, Melbourne’s iconic coffees, or funky natural wines from Mexico’s under-the-radar regions. What are these dishes, where can you find them, and most importantly (duh!), how do they taste?

Regional Eats: Tortas Ahogadas in Guadalajara

Regional Eats: Tortas Chilaquil in Mexico City


This series is all about the eye candy. It’s the best shots from a destination — from food to street art and moving portraits. Think of it as a digital postcard from some of my favorite places around the globe.

60 Seconds in… Guadalajara

market research

the First thing I do when I hit the ground is visit a local farmers market to see what grows in a region, how the produce tastes, and of course nosh on some local snacks.

Market Research: Mercado San Juan De Dios, Guadalajara

Market Research: Mercado Paloquemao in Colombia

women in food

Originally launched in 2010, I’ve revived this docu-series showcasing inspiring females in the food industry. My goal is to highlight women in traditionally male-dominated roles to inspire the next generation of young women to become chefs, makers, distillers, you name it. the sky is the limit, ladies!

Women in Food: Fernanda Corvarrubias


I often license video content to folks like Tastemade, Sky Vision, Tastemade Travel, and Discovery. And from time-to-time I go on air to talk about what’s happening in the food scene. You can check out some of those segments here.

Tastemade: Michelin Starred Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan

Women in Food: Eastside Food Fest for KTLA Morning News

Tastemade Spotlight: The Chocolate Island of Grenada

Tastemade Spotlight: Taking the Tequila Train in Jalisco

Tastemade Spotlight: Underwater Sculpture Diving in Grenada

Tastemade Spotlight: Waterfall Diving in Grenada