Wading my way into the blogosphere

I'm shocked it took me this long. Really, for a girl who grew up writing herself to sleep, finding nothing more enticing than a clean sheet of paper and a jelly pen, I should have jumped on the blogging bandwagon a long time ago. That's not to say I haven't danced around with the idea. I'll admit, there's a certain "come hither" about the blogger culture: the underground community, the up-to-the-minute updates, the thrill of a new reader, the ability to actually track just what people like to read and what they absolutely despise.

So what's been stopping me? Well, first off I'm a control freak. I'm a journalist by trade, and what I write and shoot is precious to me. The idea of sitting down, pouring out my thoughts and-- without having so much as an editor to taking a pass--pressing publish, opening myself up to a flurry of commentary is frightening. There are other reasons too: time, stressing over templates not being perfect, fear that I'd become one of  those pesky kids bringing the newspaper business to it's grave (By the way, that's malarky. It's not bloggers, it's old white men in leather chairs being too stubborn to change that will cause this ship to sink).

So instead of stressing out about what this all means, I've decided to JUST RELISH. To savor, write, shoot and share the things that I love--traveling, eating and exploring--hopefully making the world a brighter place somewhere in between.  If no one reads it, so what? It will be like what I've kept since I was 5 years old: a diary. Except this time, there's no lock and key. This is me. Uncensored, unedited and evolving. Thanks for sharing in the experience.