Holiday decorating: Using your balls

Sure, jokes about balls might be a bit played out-- so much so that our famed local food critic even called for a moratorium on the word-- but I just couldn't keep this easy holiday decoration to myself. It truly is a great way to use your leftover shiny Christmas balls! On Saturday, I went to a "non-denominational holiday brunch" at Magnolia and was inspired by their creative use these simple ornaments. When I was was left with some remaining ornaments after decorating my tree, I figured I'd take a tip from the Hollywood restaurant and make use of my balls.

Take a clear vase, and stack different colored glass ornaments inside. For traditional vases like this one, it's best to have balls of different sizes so that the spaces can be filled. (I purchased the smaller purple and silver ones from Target last year for $5/20.) If you have larger balls (Ha! Now you see why Gold is over it.), work with a tall, cylindrical vase, as the gaps won't be as noticeable.

It's a simple, affordable centerpiece for the holiday table, and thoughtful way to be sure that your straggler balls don't feel neglected.