Six Taste reunion at Bun Bun Tea House

Pork burger at Bun Bun Tea House
On a recent Sunday, EstarLA and I met with Jeff and Celeste of Six Taste food tours for an Arcadia reunion, this time to test out the brand new Bun Bun Tea House. A few compadres from our last visit to the SGV weren't able to make it, but even with a few troops missing, our four top managed to sample some unique eats -- and have some great conversation.
Our gang was tipped off to Bun Bun's opening by the omniscient Sinosoul. We couldn't resist the idea of authentic Taiwanese-style burgers, sandwhiched not by bread buns, but crispy rice patties. At this small Arcadia cafe, various marinated meats are stuffed between thick, crackly rice cakes that are akin to what you'd find at the bottom of your bibimbap bowl. Sounds brilliant, right?
Unfortunately, having two giant rice patties paired with pork and a fried egg and all the accoutrement proved to be just too much. I could only handle half of my burger. I wish that the buns were more like pancakes -- thinner, crispier, and more of a compliment to the meat than something weighing it down. I didn't even eat breakfast that morning, but still had trouble managing the dish. Also, I found the almond milk tea to be far too sweet and a bit watered down for my tastes.
Now, EstarLA can tell you about my recent obsession with almond milk tea. It's actually less an of obsession as it is an addiction. I swear on the holy boba gods that there is crack cocaine in that pulverized almond powder that they have at Da Juice Bar. Thankfully, I'm no longer working in Glendale, as my multiple trips per week were becoming borderline embarrassing.
I had high hopes that Estar would deliver me a giant Tony Montana-style mountain of almond milk powder from her recent trip to Taiwan, but she apparently is keeping it to herself. (Like I said: Addiction.)
In the interim I'd created a substitute  that is thankfully quite healthy, blending vanilla protein powder, frozen ripe bananas and almond milk. But I hadn't yet attempted to make my own tea, in fear of not living up to Da Juice Bar standards.
Jeff said he'd hook it up with some local know-how, so after lunch at Bun Bun we headed over to the Arcadia Market in search of some authentic almond powder. Man, what a mission that was! There was "almond powder," "almond dessert powder," "almond drink," "almond drink powder," and then a handful of items that resembled what we wanted but contained agar agar or gelatin. I took my chances and finally settled on almond drink powder, even though it had a picture of some gelatin dessert on it.
I'll report back with results once I muster up the courage to test it out. Hopefully the boba gods will smile upon my endeavors.
Bun Bun Tea House, 651 W Duarte Rd ., Arcadia, CA 91007; (626) 446-4168