Tiki throwbacks at 1886 Bar in Pasadena

For my last issue at the Times Community Newspapers, I wrote up a piece about the new tiki cocktails that are featured on the summer menu at 1886 in Pasadena.

Consultant Marcos Tello believes that you'll be seeing a lot more of these throwbacks on bar menus around town, so keep an eye out.

“I think it’s coming back primarily because it was our last mixological endeavor before the ’60s and ’70s hit and cocktails went dead. If you look at the cycling pattern of throwbacks [being used in modern bars], you’ll see it. First you see pre-Prohibition cocktails, then the post-Prohibition cocktails, and now here we are starting to look at tiki,” he says. “Everything old is new again.”

Considering how fabulous their un-blended piña colada is, that's a very good thing.

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