Bourbon banana bread and Old Fashioneds, a match made in heaven

I have a punishing sweet tooth, and last Thursday it was panging hard. As I sifted through what ingredients I had on hand, all I could think of were some frozen, overripe bananas. "Ah, yes," I thought. "Banana bread! I can make a healthy version with some coconut oil or flax meal or something. And it has potassium." And so the rationalization, and the cruising of the recipe blogs, began. And it ended, as it usually does, with Smitten Kitchen.

Soon as I saw this recipe for Jacked Up Banana Bread, I was ruined. Bourbon? Banana bread? Together as one? It's on. Out came the bourbon... and the Angostura bitters... and the sugar cube. Only thing missing was the orange. So I ran up the hill in my black-and-white-striped vintage apron and pilfered one from my neighbor's tree. Good thing the cops here in Echo Park have bigger fish to fry, because it would have felt a bit silly being caught in this thing.

The recipe turned out magnificent, regardless of the fact that I had to use a bundt pan instead of a loaf. And yeah, it is jacked up. Jacked up that I could not stop eating this stuff. I literally ate 1/4 of the freaking bundt pan in one sitting. (So much for that juice cleanse, eh?) The bread had a moist, cakey texture with the slightest hint of molasses and a tinge of woodsyness from the bourbon. It paired perfectly with my Old Fashioned, whose recipe I procured from Jim Meehan's ever-so-rad PDT Cocktail Book. Added bonus: I could finally take a more detailed look at the artistry in his graphic novel-esque pages while the bourbon banana bread was baking. And have another cocktail of course.

The next day, I went over to my parent's place to prepare them a thank you supper for being so awesome. (They might not be proud of my penchant for booze, but whatevs.) I served toasted up pieces of the bread with French vanilla ice cream and warm salted caramel sauce from Trader Joe's. It was divine -- so much so that I scarfed it down before taking a picture. Guess I'll just have to make it again sometime. Twist my arm.