System of a Stout: Brewing the world's first Armenian coffee beer

Sip on this SoCal: As you read this dinky blog post, the world's first Armenian coffee beer is being brewed. Just for you. And it's going to be friggin delicious.

I wrote up a piece for this Sunday's Times Community News/Glendale News Press on the stuff, which will be showcased at the 10th Dionicess event on June 10 at Beachwood BBQ.

The beer itself is a collaborative effort between Dionicess founder Gevork Kazanchyan, Beachwood BBQ brewer Julian Shrago, and Jeff Duggan of Portola Coffee Lab. It's appropriately named System of a Stout after L.A.-based Armenian rock group System of a Down, and will include Armenian ingredients like cardamom, Armenian coffee, and cognac. Full details on the brewing process can be viewed in the original story linked above.

As for when you can try it, the best opp will be the upcoming Dionicess event. Says the TCN story:

"Dionicess X's theme is appropriately named Coming of Age, and will showcase five courses (plus a few bonus rounds) of aged beers paired with dishes that feature pickled and fermented foods from around the world. Guests will get to take home commemorative bottles of the beer, as well as some of Beachwood's house-made, barrel-aged hot sauce. Of course, System of a Stout will play a central role in the meal."

You can buy your tickets to Dionicess X, which will take place at Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach on June 10 at 5 p.m., here. Proceeds will go to the Armenian Real Medicine Foundation. But in case you can't make it, they'll be releasing 10 kegs around SoCal after the event, one of which will be at Tony's Darts Away.

Cheers, and hope to see you there!