Video: Eating And Exploring Chengdu and Mount Emei in China's Sichuan Province

[playlist type="video" ids="2665"] You may remember earlier this year, my brother Danny and I had the privilege of doing our first international trip together, where we headed to China to explore some of the country's distinct regional cooking. We both agreed that the highlight of the entire journey was exploring the Sichuan Province, where I found what have become my favorite markets in the world in small town called Emei.

Emei is most widely known for being the home to Mount Emei, or Emeishan, a massive misty mountain and UNESCO world heritage site that's a pilgrimage site for Chinese Buddhists. It's said to be a place of enlightenment, and I think that the street food and markets should be a rite of passage for food lovers too.

In our video above, Danny and I dive into the area's deep cultural history through its food, and gain a deeper appreciation for the people who prepare it. Mapo tofu, kung pao chicken, street meat, hot pot, dumplings, and piping hot pork noodle soup are just a few of the dishes you’ll see, along with footage of Chengdu’s panda bear sanctuary, Emeishan, and the magnificent people of the Sichuan province.

Take a look, and prepare for your tastebuds to tingle.