How To Make Bone Broth, A Cross-Cultural Cure For What Ails You


Though grannies around the globe have been serving some form of bone broth to their ailing grandkids for ages, Marco Canora at Brodo in New York City and many other chefs are trying to turn this super concentrated stock into the new cold-pressed juice. Even in L.A., where the weather hardly ever gets below 70 degrees, it's being served at restaurants like Asian Box, Villiage Tavern, and Belcampo Meats. So, naturally, I decided to do some research and figure out how to make my own at home.

Turns out those Cantonese and Italian grannies were on to something. By using a pressure cooker, I figured out how to make bone broth in just 2 hours instead of multiple days. Not bad eh?

Making bone broth does admittedly require quite a bit of high quality bones and meat, and that's what makes it different from a stock -- the fact that there's a higher portion of meat and bones to liquid, as well as the fact that bone broth is made with plenty of seasonings, unlike stock. Those keeping paleo believe that bone broth fortified with a mix of bone marrow and other high-collagen parts is good for ailing joints, aiding in digestion and keeping your skin purdy. (The Huffington Post even sited it as one of the ways you can eat healthy while traveling the globe.)

While I can't speak to the health values just yet, I will say that it's rich and delicious, the perfect cure for what ails you during the cold winter months -- especially when you add some minced ginger, garlic, honey, lemon juice, and sea salt into the mix.

You can read the proper recipe after the jump.

Bone Broth Ingredients 1/2 lb oxtail 1.5 lbs bone marrow 1 lb neck 3 cloves garlic, peeled 1 carrot, chopped in 3 1 celery, chopped in 3 1/2 onion, peeled 1 bouquet of herbs (2 rosemary, 2 thyme, parsley, bay leaf tied in butcher twine) 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp Red Boat fish sauce 8-9 cups water salt & pepper to taste Cheese cloth or mesh strainer Method 1. Season bones with salt and pepper, then roast on a lipped baking sheet at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. 2. While bones are roasting, prepare mise en place of 3 garlic cloves, 1 carrot cut into three pieces, 1 stalk celery cut into three pieces, 1/2 a peeled onion, and a bouquet of herbs. (You can tie together the herbs with butcher twine to make removing them from the broth easier later.) 3. Place ingredients in pressure cooker, plus the bones when they're done roasting. 4. Add fish sauce and apple cider vinegar. 5. Cover with about 8 cups water til pressure cooker is 2/3 full. 6. Lock and cover, wait until pressure valve releases steam, lower to simmer, and cook for 90 minutes. Gently release pressure according to your pressure cooker's instructions. 7. Cool on stovetop, then transfer to heat safe tupperware. Cool in fridge. 8. Skim off fat. 9. Reheat, add salt and condiments. Slurp.