Hunting And Fishing Excursions Worth Traveling For


Adventurous epicures like myself have an insatiable appetite to learn more about where food comes from, and that curiosity stretches way beyond farm visits and market tours. The Simmons family — including my uncle, an expert hunter — has historically been drawn to the sport of hunting, and one of my goals this year is to learn more about it. That's what sparked this round-up that I did for Departures on some of the coolest hunting and fishing experiences around the globe. From fishing the same river from A River Runs Through It in stunning Big Sky Country to hunting wild boar in Tuscany, it's all here, and I hope that I can do even more it this coming year.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what is that I caught while fly fishing in Montana, it's a super rare bull trout, which apparently some fly fisherman search their whole lives for. Like I said, I guess it's in my genes! My guide was completely shocked I caught one on my first time fly fishing, and so was his pooch. (You can tell he approves by the smooches.)

You can read my full story for Departures here.