Where to Eat in LA: Simone


Jessica Largey’s reputation precedes her. The chef is most widely associated with being the chef de cuisine under David Kinch at Manresa, the Los Gatos restaurant known for its thoughtful exploration of seasonal produce which earned two Michelin stars in 2006, and subsequently upgraded to three in 2015. (Sadly I never got to dine there when I went to UCSC, being on a college kid budget and all. But I did love their loaves and pastries, which they now serve at Verve coffee shops up North.)Largey was named the rising star chef by the James Beard Foundation in 2015, and has also done stints at notable restaurants such as Providence, Bastide and The Fat Duck. This, among other reasons, is why film director Joe Russo—known for his work in the Marvel-verse as well as on popular series Community and Arrested Development—and Bruno Bagbeni, who also financed the now-closed Bastide, were eager to back Largey and the project at Simone.

I’ve definitely been excited for the opening, so it was a real treat to write the review for Angeleno Angeleno Magazine, which you can check out here.