Market Research: Naschmarkt in Vienna, Austria

Last year I was lucky enough to travel down the Danube River with my brother and video partner Danny Simmons on Ama Waterways, and boy oh boy was it a treat. Our journey started in Bavaria, Germany and ended in Budapest, Hungary, and we got to see incredible art, oversize architecture, and stunning wine regions along the way.

One of my favorite stops was in Vienna, an over-the-top, totally grand city worth spending a week in all its own. One of the highlights there was visiting the iconic Naschmarkt, which is one of the largest flea markets in the whole of Europe. If you’re into vintage shopping, it’s a must, especially if you’re on the hunt for fur coats, purses, and brick-a-brack. But they also have an insane variety of food, like alpine cheeses, chimney cakes, and shawarma.

Check out the latest edition of my series Market Research here to see some of the incredible eats in Austria, and do let me know in the comments if you’ve been!