Regional Eats: 5 Must Try Street Foods in Singapore

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As part of my obsession with regional foods, and my series Regional Eats, I wrote this piece for Travel Age West on some of the essential dishes you should try when you're in Singapore.  It's so much more than a stopover destination! From laska to hokien noodles and Singapore slings, it truly was a dream to both eat and film some of these unique dishes for the video piece I shot for Tastemade

In terms of food, Singapore is a country unlike any other. Its diverse residents — hailing mainly from China, India, Malaysia and the Middle East — have helped to create a dynamic culinary scene. And because the government is such a stickler for sanitation, food-obsessed travelers can enjoy authentic fare from the food stalls at open-air hawker centers without much question regarding cleanliness, too.

Be sure to check out the video here and let me know what you think!