Whale Shark Diving in La Paz, Mexico


Holy cow you guys! I conquered my biggest fear -- sharks! -- when I went swimming with whale sharks in La Paz, Mexico at Playa de la Paz. Yes, I know technically these gentle giants are filter feeders and aren't a threat to humans, but you try swimming next to a school bus sized fish with a gaping mouth the size of a sedan and tell me you aren't at least a little bit freaked out. You can check out a video of my experience below. 

If you've ever wanted to go whale shark diving, DO IT! La Paz is one of the greatest places to do so. I've been lucky enough to spend a ton of time shooting south of the border, specifically in Baja California, this past year, and to me it's a spectacular place to visit not just for the delicious food and the lovely people, but the WILD biodiversity and adventure opportunities. It's no wonder Jacques Cousteau loved La Paz so much that he actually filmed two episodes of his show here. That's the only place he ever did so, in fact. The biodiversity is absolutely unrivaled. And did I mention tacos?!?