Meet My Production Company: Fork in the Road Media

Fork in the Road Demo Reel from Fork In The Road Media on Vimeo.

Guys, I want you to meet my new baby: Fork in the Road Media! I launched my own digital media production company this month, and I'm super excited to start rolling out some suh-weet content. Our main focus is to create digital-facing content for the hospitality industries (yep, food and travel, surprised?), and I couldn't be more stoked to get going. I've come a long way since making my first FlipCam video for the LA Times Travel section all those years ago, wouldn't you say? 

So you're probably thinking, why not just keep on chuggin the way you've always done, Krista? Well, I've been producing video content for brands like the Times, Travel + Leisure, Sky Vision, Kate Spade, and more for nearly ten years now, so I figured it was time to make it "official."

For me, video has always been the best way to tell a complete story. And finally the world is catching up, and I've decided to really give it the ol' college try.

This past year I've field produced a travel show that took me to the Okavango Delta, Baja Mexico, and the Southwest US for Sky Vision in the UK. I've also bulked up social-facing content on my personal Instagram and Facebook pages. (Are you following along? You should join the adventure! Fork in the Road has an Insta too. Check it out here.) And there are some really cool projects I'm developing and pitching right now with Fork in the Road.  It's gonna be a great year! 

Please do give our site and reel a peek and let me know what you think!