How To Up Your Social Media Game Using Video


I've been REALLY passionate about video content since I first started writing about travel and food in 2008. I'm not trying to say I'm in the business of reading tea leaves or anything, but I just always knew it was the best way to tell stories about such a visual subject matter.  Now the time has finally come that video is the dominant form of media. Don't believe me? Trust the experts. In fact, at present, almost one third of the time spent online is spent watching video content. Some of the stats on the efficacy of video content are absolutely staggering; I'll let you check them out yourselves.

I have to thank Catharine Hamm of the LA Times Travel section for being one of the early believers; I really wanted to create video content to accompany my piece on truffle hunting in Western Australia, an she sent me off with a FlipCam and let me do my thing, chasing pups around the wilds of AUS and sharing it on her venerable section that still. keeps. winning. 

Now, almost 10 years later, I've launched my own digital media company focussed on storytelling through social-facing video -- Fork in the Road Media. We've signed on some big clients:  Camp No Counselors, Tastemade Travel, and the Grenada Tourism Board. 

This week I was approached to speak on a panel about social video at the Society of American Travel Writers Conference, talking about why folks should be investing their time (and money!) in social-facing video content

For those of you that attending the speaking engagement and are looking for the presentation I referred to, you can check it out here.