Traveler Style: Why I Wear Vintage


Much as I love producing, I have to admit that I still really enjoy being on camera, especially when it means interviewing interesting people and sharing their stories.

BUT one thing I don’t love is how women are forced into a corner of fast fashion for the sake of wardrobe, which is why I try to mix in gently used vintage pieces on camera, like these baubles from TRI Vintage. (The camel bone brass cuff I'm wearing can be shopped here. I also got a gorgeous set of bone earrings to match, as well as a really cool abalone bracelet that is the toast of the town when I'm out and about.)

I'm really into their well-curated collection of globally inspired homewares and bangles, which are both socially conscious and fair trade.

I find that they stand the test of time, and it’s not just more plastic junk that you only wear once. And considering how much plastic is populating our world's oceans these days, it's a win win for both the planet and your personal style.

The fine folks at TRI are offering a discount to all you beauties, so be sure to add the code "krista"  to get 20% off when you shop online.