A Tribute To Anthony Bourdain

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Today we lost one of the greats — a powerful voice that not only cast a light on the corners of the hospitality industry, but inspired us to see the world through a unique and beautiful lens.

Anthony Bourdain was raw, he was real, he was human. 

When I first interviewed Bourdain in March 2009, I was admittedly a total fan girl trying my best to be professional while speaking to one of my long-time heroes. Like many, I idolized Bourdain for his incredible writing, unrivaled wit, and the style with which he approached his craft. When I posed the question of what he’d like to do when this dream job he’d created for himself was done, he replied, “Much later, when it’s all over, I’d like to teach a little bit. I’d like to teach creative writing to fifth graders, or even English 101.”

What he didn’t realize is that he already was a teacher to so many, including myself. ⠀ 

He taught us to explore the parts of our planet unknown, without reservations. He taught us to see the beauty in the humblest of jobs, from the dishwashers to the street hawkers. Once a cook himself, he was the classic tale of a phoenix rising from the ashes — a chef with a troubled past turned world renowned reporter, traversing the world and sharing it with us, one eye poppingly gorgeous episode at a time.

His recent work at CNN is some of the most incredibly cinematic storytelling I’ve seen, not just within the culinary travel space, but in television, period. He’s that guy that everyone in the industry wanted to work with —  the one who pushes boundaries, who dares directors to delve into their wildest ideas, always was pushing for more. ⠀

Without even knowing it, he’s taught me so much: to entertain the outlandish; to indulge my appetite for adventure; to cultivate creativity with, and in, the people I work alongside; and most importantly to seek beauty in the parts of humanity that often are overlooked.

The game has been forever changed by Anthony Bourdain and none of us will ever be the same. May he Rest In Peace. 

krista simmons anthony bourdain
Krista Simmons